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Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
naughty list for campaigning to take down susan rice. it's amazing he gets crankier every year? >> right. but it was stunning that he would call her not very bright. i thought that was kind of the low mark for him. and the whole campaign is incredibly cynical to go on television and go john kerry is awesome. we love john kerry. all of a sudden he is the best thing that has ever happened to the phrase secretary of state. because that's what mccain wants. this whole campaign is really creepy and -- and just -- you know disturbing. >> stephanie: it's interesting he would go on television and say a woman isn't very bright knowing how many people are silently mouthing you picked sarah palin. >> right. steven colbert calls her honey boo boo, sarah palin. and i am so jealous, all week i'm like why didn't i think of that? it was there, and i could have plucked that out, and i didn't. >> honey boo boo you bet ya. >> stephanie: and there it's black friday stampedes or running of [ inaudible ] what is with the trampelers. >> i know they like to step on people in the crowd. >> stephanie: j
Dec 12, 2012 9:00am PST
to be on the committee to yell questions at susan rice. >> hey i wonder why. maybe it's because he's out of committees because he's termed out of all of the major committees. maybe that's because republicans have limitations on how long you can be on a committee and he's done all of them! >> stephanie: dick durbin was asked if he would be approved. he said he thinks so. some of the criticisms against her have been unwarranted adding she's an extraordinary person. john mccain wants to be able to -- huh? benghazi! >> stephanie: what do you think? everybody is saying is it going to be john kerry or susan rice? what do you think? >> i think susan rice is a great candidate for that. i think actually john kerry is really apparently wanted state but people have talked about him for secretary of defense. i think you could almost have a flak nearly as big with him going for defense as they would susan rice. purple band-aid brigade would be out again. then they would play his tapes from when he was -- i don't know -- vietnam war. >> stephanie: speaking of john mccain he -- he was asked what he
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)